Adrienne's journal of her adventures.

Don't Be Afraid To Slice.

Don't be afraid to slice. 

To cut. 

To puncture.

To separate.

These words - "don't be afraid to slice" - have been coming up for me a lot lately. 

As a woman who has long identified with being a good girl, I always believed in the value of getting along with others, at patching things up, and keeping the peace.

Indeed, I usually use my words to compliment and to connect.

But lately, I'm seeing the equal value in using my words to slice as necessary.

In cutting off unhealthy connections, unhealthy societal pressure, and unhealthy habits.

Getting along with others at all costs can sometimes mean that I drown in an abundance of mediocre relationships. 

Patching things up for the simple purpose of pretending everything is all right keeps deep wounds locked in and festering.

Keeping the peace can stifle the truth that can come out with vocal and volatile conflict. 

Identifying solely with being a good girl prevents me from saying what needs to be said. From using my voice to slice when necessary.

Sometimes, there is nothing healthier than a clean cut.

Don't be afraid to slice. 

Much love,

Adrienne Perrot