Adrienne's journal of her adventures.

Sisterhood Is Not What I Thought It Was.

I thought I knew what sisterhood was. 

I thought it was my 4 biological sisters. Amy, Melani, Jackie and Amanda. Sisters! We played in the dirt in the garden, we split the piece of cake evenly into 5, and we laughed about our misfortunes and our happiest of happy moments. To me, sisterhood meant biology, and the kinship that automatically came with it.

I'm learning sisterhood is so much more. 

Sisterhood is so much broader. It includes so many more people.

I am currently on a road trip with my twin, Amanda. She decided to travel our home province - Saskatchewan - this summer, in an effort to further the mission of her company, Grounded Goodness, which is to spread kindness. She called her road trip Saskatchewan Sisterhood, and she's planned a bunch of speaking events at various towns over the course of 7 weeks. 

She's inviting women to speak. To connect. 

I thought I was just along for the ride. I thought I would help her with the speaking, take some photos, and just have some good ole road trip fun! Yay!


Don't get me wrong; I am doing all of those things. However, I'm also learning so much more than I thought possible.

I'm learning that sisterhood is not just biological; sisterhood is a bond between people that reflects trust, vulnerability and strong communication. Sisterhood is kinship of the human kind. Sisterhood is the strength that holds our province together.

I've unexpectedly cried - and by cried, I mean wept - in a coffee shop in Tisdale, Saskatchewan during an hour long conversation with a woman named Lana, who could see through my soul and who compassionately reminded me of my truest desires.

I've unexpectedly ate fresh raspberries and chocolate zucchini cake in the cozy home of a 71 year old woman named Carol after meeting her at the Humboldt Broncos crash site a mere two days prior.

I've unexpectedly sat around a kitchen table late into the evening drinking wine with one of my oldest friends at Candle Lake, as I learned about hard stories of her upbringing that I had never known before. My oldest friend! Stories I had never known! 

THIS is sisterhood. I am finding my previous definition of that word expanding and shifting and figuratively being blown to smithereens. Sisterhood can be biological, but it is often more than biology. 

Sisterhood is a conscious choice to listen, to reach out, to laugh. More importantly, sisterhood is not something to take for granted. It's a beautiful and precious gift given to all of us that we get to navigate and hold with care. 

Sisterhood is also realizing just how brilliant your twin sister is - and being grateful that you somehow got to be born at the same time as her, being grateful that you get to join her on her road trip, and being grateful that you get to explore what sisterhood means together

I wonder what else can happen in the next two weeks?

Much love,



Adrienne Perrot