Adrienne's journal of her adventures.

Bringing It All Under "Adrienne Perrot"

Over the past three years, I've been on a journey of trying to find the box that fits me best. 

I went right into videography.

I travelled some more.

I took more photos.

Then I chose to focus on BodyTalk.

Should I get back into law?


I kept trying to find the right box.

Where do I fit?

Now I know.

I fit nowhere. I fit everywhere.

I am constantly evolving.

The broader concepts of evolution and change describe me way better than "videographer" and "BodyTalk practitioner" and "lawyer" and "the woman who is still figuring out her sh!t."

I finally surrendered to the evolution.

Now, I'm bringing it all under one name. One brand. One me.


I do many things. I do great work. 

I change. I grow. I evolve.

But the best part? I'm no longer in a box.

I can't wait to help you get out of your box.

To help you change. To help you grow. To help you evolve.

Where do you think we will go?

Send me a message. Let's find out.