Adrienne's journal of her adventures.

"How Do You Do It All?"

Since deciding to fully embrace all of my skills over the past few months - and not shutting any doors on law, photography/videography or BodyTalk - I've gotten one question.

"How do you do it all?"

Indeed, how can one woman BE all of these things? 

Don't all of these things take time and effort? Isn't this like running three businesses? How does one manage?

How do I do it all?

Let me tell you my secret.

I trust in the power of relationships.

Above the noise of "getting sh!t done" and prioritizing, managing communications and meeting expectations, I trust in the people that are my clients.

My three areas of career focus may seem very distinct - and at this point, they mostly are.

But these areas of focus, in the manner in which I deliver them, work SO WELL FOR MY PEOPLE. 

My work does not consist of three practice areas with separate clients.

My work consists of the same people who need different things done.

Think about that. 

I do not have three businesses.

I have one group of really solid clients.

For example, you are a small business owner who needs to get a specific clause drafted for your customer agreement. But you also need beautiful photos and a video for your website. And you've been struggling since grade 4 art class with letting go of that painful story about how you're just not creative enough.

You have many needs. 

You are a human being.

You do not fit into a box.

So instead of focusing on the three areas of practice, I focus on my clients' needs. 

Today, do you need some logical legal stuff?

Or do you need some kickass photos?

Do you need somebody to hold your hand, ask you to breathe and simply help you let the story go?

You know that you'll need it all, at different times.

And so that, my friends, is how I do it.

I don't focus on the three areas. 

I focus on building relationships with my clients. 

I work with incredible people who, like me, need many things at different times. People who are building, and growing, and seeking more.

And I trust. 

I trust that the right people will find me exactly when they need to.

Are you a right people? 

Send me a message. Let's find out.