Adrienne's journal of her adventures.

2016: We're All Just Bozos On The Bus.

It's us - the bozos.

It's us - the bozos.

We're all bozos on the bus,
so we might as well sit back
and enjoy the ride.

- Wavy Gravy

2016 was a beautiful year for me, both professionally and personally. I learnt oh so many lessons. Some days, these lessons brought me to my knees in pained, sobbing tears. Other days, these lessons led me to weep ecstatic tears and hug myself with joyful gratitude. Regardless of the type of crying I experienced (and oh man, I experienced a lot), 2016 was a year of continuous learning.

I learnt that a person should never declare to be finished with a particular career path (in my case, law). A new approach changes everything. Fyi, you can be a lawyer in a way that makes sense to you.

I learnt that shooting, shooting, shooting is truly the only way to get good at photography. I still struggle with white balance...but I'm working on it. 

I learnt that personal growth always directly mirrors professional growth. In love with life? The business flourishes. Having a case of The Self-Doubts? Business contracts. The universe meets you where you're at, yo.

But the most incredible lesson I learnt in 2016?

I really and truly learnt that we're all just bozos on the bus.

The above quote by Wavy Gravy (the Google tells me Wavy Gravy was the MC of Woodstock - cool) was one I initially came across in my personal bible - the book Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser. It's a line I've memorized and come back to many times over the past several years.

However, 2016 was the year when this line really and truly hit home.

Whether it was in recording 52 pioneers (so many brave people, each with their own insecurities and phenomenal brilliance), or in doing one fascinating BodyTalk session after another (each session day seemed to have a theme!), or in recognizing that every one of my legal clients just wanted somebody to put the fancy language in place that made their contract legit, I recognized our common humanity. 

The thread within each of us - the thread of our not really knowing much about anything but striving anyway - ties us all together.

Yes, 2016 taught me that we are all so much more connected than I ever thought possible.

We're all just bozos on the bus.

This is just the beginning of my own personal and professional bozo journey.

2016 also taught me that even if I think I know "stuff," I don't actually know much at all. A friend asked me, "Where do you think you are on the spectrum of being an adult?" 

I answered something along the lines of, "Oh man, I really don't know much. I really like learning...but I'm just a baby adult. A BABY ADULT."

The more I unlearn - letting go of the way I think I should live - the more I realize I know nothing at all.

So in 2017, I have a feeling I'm really going to live out the second part of Wavy Gravy's quote (" we might as well sit back and enjoy the ride"). In 2017, I anticipate myself surrendering a lot. I anticipate continuing to get out of the comfy boxes I have created which are (much too) safe. I anticipate feeling the bus rumble along, with my feet settled loosely under the seat in front of me and my arms (hopefully, mostly) outstretched and relaxed behind my head.

Now that I really and truly know that we're all just bozos on the bus, it's time to sit back and enjoy the ride. 2017, take me where I need to go.

With the greatest of love,
Adrienne (the bozo)

Adrienne Perrot