I provide legal advice to other small business owners within the province of Saskatchewan as a sole practitioner. 

With 7.5 years of experience as a business lawyer in Saskatoon - first within a large private firm, then in-house for large corporations, and now for my own clients - I've seen my fair share of how law can make (or break) a business.

These days, I apply my legal knowledge and skills to building my own business and I can't help but think, "How cool is it that I know what I'm doing?!"

Well-drafted agreements are some of my absolute favourite things in the world. I understand the value that a simple and clear agreement can bring to a business of any size.

I've seen the hundred million dollar transactions. I've seen the hundred dollar transactions. 

I know how you can legally hire, manage and fire employees. I know the services agreements you need in place to make sure your contractors fully understand what it is you need them to do.

I get it. I've done business. I'm doing business.

Business is in my blood. 

I'm real, matter-of-fact, and care just as much about keeping costs down as you do.

Send me an email and we can figure out if I'm the right fit for you.


* For clarity, my practice of business law encompasses general business legal advice, starting up, services and consulting agreements, and employment law. 

I do not practice wills & estates, real estate law, family law, criminal law, any sort of litigation (when people don't get along), or any variation of maritime law (which is a darn shame, being in the middle of Canada and all).