I do consciousness-based work, primarily through the modality of BodyTalk. I offer private sessions to individuals and groups who, like me, are ready to let go of their stories. 

I started out as a BodyTalk practitioner and have since added my own unique style and approach. Consciousness-based work has been the most valuable tool I have come across in helping me let go of the beliefs I had around who I thought I had to be. As a recipient of sessions since 2011, and as a consciousness-based practitioner since 2015, I have seen how much lighter, deeper and truly fun (so, so fun!) a life can be once we open up and accept that we live in a world of made-up rules. 

You live in a world of made-up rules.

Did you know that?

You do. And it's up to you to determine what kind of world you actually want to live in. 

So if you're ready to quit being stuck, and are ready to start being yourself, book in for a session. It's gentle, safe and will almost certainly blow your mind.



Sessions offered in Saskatoon (Canada) and via distance