LET'S get you out.



This is me! ADRIENNE!
Like from the movie
Rocky. Get it? 
I've gotten it (my whole life!).


Hey there! You, who is reading this! Thank you for stopping by!

My name is Adrienne Perrot. I practice business law, I capture moments through photography and videography, and I offer consciousness-based sessions (cool work that helps you let go of your stories!). 

In short, I have a lot of super solid skills. Mad skillz, some might say.

I used to think I had to find the box that fit me best and do what I could to make that box work. Be a lawyer. Or a photographer.

Be a storyteller. Or a soul-searching zen master.

I thought I had to pick one box. I couldn't possibly be ALL of those things. 

That would be more than one box!

Now, I realize I AM all of those things.

I hold space for others to breathe, to breakdown, and to believe. I capture magical and hilarious moments through my lenses. I make it way less scary for other small business owners to navigate all those tricky legal requirements.

I am many things. I don't fit into a box.

I'm creating a life that is very much Adrienne Perrot - a life with variety and flexibility, stillness and action, and ultimately, a full use of my tremendous skills.

Take a look around my website, get to know me, and if it fits, feel free to send me a message to book my services. Legal advice, photography/videography, BodyTalk session? 

No matter what you choose, I've got your back.

Let's get you out of the box.

Much love,

This website is the culmination of 35 years of figuring out who I am.
Disclaimer: It’s all still a work in progress.
— Adrienne